Wow. Such great reflections. I say delete the doubters page. Those people have such boring ideas.

It makes so much sense to hat you’re up to and I’m inspired by anyone willing to go deeper into life. Keep writing and keep sharing!

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Hey, I enjoyed reading this! I'm working 2 days a week and share some of your perspectives on the life out there outside work

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Hey Matt - this was an awesome post.

A quick note: you mentioned that a few people have reached out to you across Twitter / Instagram. When I checked, it looked like your DMs are closed in both places.

Might want to open them up if you're interested in meeting more people :)

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Love this and love that you’re writing about your journey from the beginning. I think it’ll be fun to look back on and see what’s changed and what’s stayed the same.

I also keep a “positive vibes” folder. However, I was surprised to see a doubters page! Can’t believe people are so openly rude. Though, I do understand running up against people’s limited notions of themselves projected as a criticism of the outside world.

Good luck with experimenting and your different projects!

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Love this Matt- can't wait for our chat in a few weeks! Your metaphor about a crab molting (as well as the doubters) really stuck with me. I've been having a hard time feeling my small wins lately, so your tip of having a notion page that has all of them really stuck. Can't wait to see what else comes next for you!

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