So true, Matt! I am also valuing my time much more now that I have more of it. Free time has always been finite but, as you say, we did not have agency over it.

I have also noticed that I embrace much more experimenting and taking action rather than thinking and planning. For better or worse that's how the independent me wants to live :-)

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Great read, thanks for sharing

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> I viewed my leisure time with less scrutiny and barely examined whether it was aligned with my beliefs. My non-work time was for recuperating from the stress and mundanity of my job. I felt deprived of a certain level of fulfillment so I sought it out in the form of fancy dinners and more socialization than my introverted self could juggle.

really resonate with this! I've also been hunkering down and being selective about who/what I spend my time on, and it feels really good to get more time for focus.

for me one of the biggest aspects of having wisdom is just having very clear attention on what is happening. being more aware of your experience, aware of whether you're acting in alignment with your higher self/intuition/etc or if you're acting out of avoidance/fear/impulsiveness etc

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